Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grilled Pizza

MMMM Pizza!!!

We love it at our house. We are really good at making pizzas in the oven but there was always something I wanted to try. 

The idea of making pizza outside on the barbecue intrigued me and I figured with a quick search on the internet I could find out how to do it. Turns out there are LOTS of posts on making grilled pizzas. All of them are different and have different tips and tricks on how to make it work out just right. We tried a few times and finally found a combination that worked for us. 

This recipe is a combination of the ones we tried. It is really quick and easy. It uses frozen bread dough (which we keep in our freezer now) and you can use up leftover lunch meats and toppings that you have in your fridge or pantry. 

It works for lunch or supper and is a great recipe to use for parties or just a night at home with the family. If there are more people at our place for supper we let everyone make their own personal pizzas. If it is just our family then we make personal pizzas for the little ones and a big one for the grownups to share. 

Pepperoni pizza is a favourite in our house so that is what we usually make. Feel free to add your own favourite toppings when you try this on your own.

Click the link to the recipe here Grilled Pizza Recipe