Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project of the Month - March 2012

My daughter received a LeapPad and some games for Christmas this year.

She loves to play the games and it is neat for us to watch how her spelling, reading, math and problem-solving skills are improving at the same time.

The LeapPad needed a case to store it and the games so we could keep everything together and organized, as well as keep it protected.

We checked out the options in the store and we were not really thrilled with any of them so I figured I would try to make a case myself.

I made some design sketches and changed them a few times until we got it the way we wanted it. My daughter picked out some fabric that I had in my stash and I got to work.

Here is the finished product. It works perfectly and my daughter loves it. She tells us she is going to work on her computer, finds a comfortable spot and gets right to work. She likes that everything is together where she can find it and we can take the LeapPad with us, in it's case, and we do not have to worry about it getting damaged in her bag.