Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grocery Shopping - Make a List

Want a very easy way to save time and money in the grocery store? Make a list!

You can waste a lot of time wandering around the store trying to remember what you needed and then trying to find it in the store.

Years ago, when I was grocery shopping with a baby in tow, I made up a grocery list to make shopping easier for myself.

I put all the items in categories, grouping similarly stored items together. Fruits, vegetables, frozen goods, canned goods, dairy, household items, etc each have their own category. I left a couple lines at the bottom of each category to add things that were not on the list.

I print out a stack of blank lists and keep them in the drawer. Evey week, I take a new one out and keep track of the things that we need on the next grocery shopping trip.

When I hit the grocery store, I start at one side and work my way to the other, while getting the items on the list. It eliminates wandering through the aisles trying to find what I need from a scattered list and keeps me from getting distracted and spending money on things we do not need.

I can complete my grocery shopping in about 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes or longer. Here is a copy of my Grocery List to print out and take with you on your next trip.