Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunny Afternoons ..... & tadpoles

It is a beautiful, warm sunny afternoon here in Red Deer and we are loving it.

Been for a little drive around town this morning and checked out some parks in other neighborhoods - my daughter had LOTS of fun trying them all out.

Last weekend we acquired am ice cream bucket of tadpoles from the farm and have been watching them grow all week. My daughter thinks that they are her pets and greets them every morning, talks with them and then says goodnight before bed time every night. They are sunning themselves on the front step now. I am hoping that they do not get too big yet ....... I do not think that I want a bunch of baby frogs all over my step. We will have to take them back out to the farm and let them back into the pond.

Here are some pics of the project that I just finished for some very nice people (some family members). They are a gag type gift for some messy sisters :) Personalized, adult sized bibs with a fun embroidered saying. I hope that they like them and get a giggle!!

Next project is to photograph the new diaper bag that I made last week. It is fabulous!!!

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  1. I think you must be better at raising tadpoles than me. We got them every year, and I think we had only one turn into a frog in all that time. The rest had all kinds of accidents like their bucket getting tipped over, the bucket getting a hole in, etc. - it just never worked out :(