Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kids Craft - Paper Plate Butterflies

Warm weather and sunny days are here again! HOORAY!!!

We like to spend lots of time outside when the weather is good but rainy days put and end to outside fun pretty fast. At least until the rain goes away.

We were feeling crafty while we were watching the rain come down outside and decided to make some bright butterflies to cheer us up until the sun came back out.

They were really easy to make and we used things we had on hand so there was no shopping for any extra bits and bobs.

Materials Required:
Paper Plate (we used white but coloured plates would work too)
Pipe Cleaners
Bingo Dabbers
Glitter Glue
Markers/ Crayons

1. The first thing we did was figure out how to make the butterfly wings. We made 4 triangles on the plates. 2 small ones on each side and 2 larger ones on the top and bottom. Draw them on with a crayon and cut out the triangles. This will give your butterfly wings.

2. Once your butterflies are cut out it is time to decorate!

We used Bingo dabbers to decorate yours but the possibilities are endless. Use crayons, markers, paint, glitter glue, ribbons, sequins, feathers, stickers, anything your heart desires.

3. Once the decorating is finished it is time to add the antennae. Take a pipe cleaner, fold it in half; curling each end around your finger to make them round and staple it to the centre of the butterfly. You can also add a string here if you want to hang your butterfly from anywhere. We stuck ours on the fridge with some clip magnets so did not add any strings.

These were lots of fun for us to make on a rainy Spring day and they really made the kitchen brighter!

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