Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project of the Month - August 2012

I have been slowly going through the house, one room at a time; organizing, changing and updating things. We have been in our house almost 9 years now and it was time to make a few changes and updates.

In the kitchen we made some space by getting rid of things we did not use and moving some things around. I also changed out the curtains on both windows in the kitchen.

I had not really planned on new curtains but I saw these curtain panels in Pier 1 and could not resist.They were on sale for $20 per panel so I bought both of them. I was pretty sure that I only needed one to make the 3 panels but I wanted to make sure that I had enough.

The last curtains that we had up were very nice. They were refashioned table runners, in brown and white but they were getting faded and I craved something bright and new.

I washed up the old ones and tucked them away in the closet. Washed the windows and curtain rods and then put up my new curtains.

Here is the big picture window

And here is the smaller window, over the sink, between the cupboards.

I love them! They make the whole space brighter and lighter. I did only need 1 panel to make the 3 valances. I used the second panel to make a matching runner for the top of my china cabinet and I still have some left over for another project.

I did take pictures while I was refashioning the long panels into shorter valances and will post it as a tutorial in a different post.

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