Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kids Craft - Paper Plate LadyBug

Here is another great craft for a rainy day - or even for a sunny day. It was rainy the day that we made these but on nice days we do paint and make crafts outside on the deck or in the grass.

This one is a paper plate ladybug. I LOVE ladybugs - I think that they are so cute.

This was a quick and fun craft for us to do. We used things that we had on hand so there was no shopping required for this craft either.

Paper Plate
Paint and Brushes
Construction Paper
Pipe cleaner

1. Paint the paper plate red.
2. Make the dots. There are at least 4 different ways to do this.
   a) Use black construction paper and cut out circles. Glue the circles to the painted paper plate.
   b) Use black paint to paint the dots on.
   c) Make glitter dots. Use glue to glue sequins on the painted paper plate.
   d) Use black markers or crayons to draw the dots on the ladybug. You should wait for the paint to dry  
        before doing it this way.
3. Make the antennae. Fold a pipe cleaner in half, wrap the ends around your finger to make then curl and then staple them to the plate.

VOILA! One super cute little ladybug.

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