Friday, August 7, 2009

Warm Sunny Days

Ah - there is almost nothing like it. I love warm summer days.

To feel the warm sunshine on your skin and see your children running and playing -

- laughing with wild abandon.

For a minute you can almost feel like a kid again - caught up in the fun.

We made a trip to Salmon Arm, British Columbia this week to see a friend of ours. It was great to visit with him and to enjoy the wonderful weather as we checked out the local attractions.

He owns the MOST FABULOUS coffee, sandwich and dessert shop I have ever set foot in. Check it out online here or jump in the car and go for a holiday of your own. The scenery on the way is fabulous and everything on the menu is worth the drive.

I am working on lots of new and exciting things for my shop as well as trying to finish one of my last courses towards my Bachelor of Management degree. It will be a busy couple months here but I am looking forward to having some fun as well.

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