Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spicy Apple Bars

We have sort of a tradition in our house for trying new recipes. Every couple weeks we like to try something new. Sometimes it is a new main dish recipe, sometimes a side dish, sometimes dessert. There is no real rhyme or reason to choosing which type of new recipe to try. We just pull a bunch out and pick one. Over the years we have added lots of new favorite recipes to our rotation, we have also had some epic failures.

It was my daughter’s turn to pick the recipe this week and fortunately these spicy apple bars she picked fall into the first category, new favorite!

They are moist and delicious warm from the oven and just as tasty a few days later. We found them to be more like cake than a traditional bar - but whatever we call them, they were delicious.

The recipe is from a February 1979 issue of Canadian Living. I tried to put a link to the recipe on their website but I could not find it there. I guess 1979 is a little before anything was routinely put online for everyone to access. No matter - here is the recipe for you to try. I hope that it becomes a new favorite for you as well.

Just click on the link or the title to get to the recipe and try it for yourself!

Spicy Apple Bars

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project of the Month - August 2011

I have a project for myself this month and plan to use up some fabric from my stash. 

It's a gorgeous, navy and white bordered fabric. I am excited to see how the project turns out.

Check back later for some photos of the finished piece!