Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grocery Shopping on a Budget - Where to find Canadian Coupons

I did say that I was going to be expanding the topics on this blog beyond recipes and tutorials.So here we go.

I always thought that I was just living my life, doing my best to live within our resources, save some money and have some fun while we were doing it.

Apparently, I am doing some things that other people are not. I did not realize this until I was asked several times in a week about our grocery budget and even stopped at the grocery store checkout by a couple of women who wanted to know where I had got all the coupons that I had just used.

Our grocery budget is approximately $300 - $400 per month, which works out to about $75-$100 a week. Quite often we spend less than that at the store per week. Sometimes, if there are really good sales that week, we stock up on some items and go over $75. It all works out for us in the end. One person that asked me about our grocery budget said they were spending approximately $400 per week on groceries. That is our budget for a whole month which means that she was spending $1200 or more per month on groceries!!!!! I also talked to a lot of people that did not know how much money they were spending on groceries, which surprised me.

I won't give up all my secrets in this post but I will let you know where I find a lot of the coupons that I use.

There are all kinds of coupon sites on the internet but not all of them work for Canadians. Many of them have coupons valid in the US only - which is frustrating if you find a really good coupon for something that you buy all the time. The coupons on these sites are for use in Canada. Some of them may be valid in the US but I recommend that you check before you try to use them, just to make sure. Also, in Canada; Alberta for sure, many of the coupons are 1 per purchase so there is little chance of extreme couponing here.
(This is Proctor & Gamble's site. You can sign up for their sample program and get coupons too) (This site has all kinds of tips on frugal living & coupons) (This site has recipes and coupons) (Coupons, tips & tricks for saving money)

I also check the local newspaper and the weekly store flyers. There are often coupons printed in the paper or there are inserts with coupons in them. If they are for an item we use or something that we want to try, I clip them out and save them for the next time that item is on sale. I buy the item then so I can stretch that discount coupon even further.

Using coupons is an easy way to reduce your grocery bill and save that money for something else, like paying bills or having some fun.